Rose McGowan has lost 'years' off her life

Rose McGowan covers Telegraph's Stella Magazine ahead of her autobiography 'Brave' being released in the UK, where she discusses wanting to see Harvey Weinstein 'fall off the face of the Earth', enduring trauma, and life post-Hollywood.

On Harvey Weinstein: "It seemed, to everyone else, like all this just came out of the blue, but for me it’s been a 20-year-project to get people to listen, to really hear us. I would like to see him [Weinstein] fall off the earth. But, I’m going to have to go through the trial."

On re-living trauma: "Everyone asked me about the hotel room incident [in which she was allegedly assaulted by Weinstein]. Each question was re-traumatising. I think it’s definitely knocked years off my life. My brain and my strength were severely sapped. And it went on and on for months. I’m more gentle with myself now." (She says she's no longer taking the mood-stabilising medication she was prescribed for years to control her depression, and doesn't go on social media as much.)

On Hollywood: (She says she has no interest in acting again, and doesn't even watch Hollywood films anymore) "I don’t really want their information in my head. That town breeds fear, particularly in women. The message is: don’t step out of line, little girl – there’s another one coming up behind you. I guess I never cared about being famous enough to guard it."

After selling her home for $1.9M to pay off legal fees, she's now living between London and New York with her non-binary partner, Rain Dove ("I think I was just really tired of toxic, macho male energy. It’s really nice to be with someone who’s not like that.") As for the future, she says she's working on a screenplay and a second book, as well as an art project.

Brave is in stores in the UK on Tuesday, March 5th.

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