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A Scam is Born: Lady Gaga fans create a fake Starbucks offer to get “Shallow” to number one

Little Monsters have moved on from offering blowjobs on Craigslist for anyone who purchases Lady Gaga’s music to now spreading fake offers from Starbucks on social media. It started when Nico (@fkanico) started hearing the news that “Shallow” had a new resurgence in streaming and sales and could possibly hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He says he knew he had to help Gaga and got the idea to make up a free offer from Starbucks when he walked by one after school. He created a fake graphic with the promotional offer and shared it on Twitter with the hashtag #ShallowBucks. It then quickly spread online and all over Twitter.

It got so big, Starbucks had to respond to users online to let them know that the promotional offer was not real or valid. When asked if he’s scared of getting in trouble, Nico responded saying, “When I tweeted it I was honestly really worried since I don't know if I could get into any legal trouble but I thought since nobody is losing any money doing it, it should be ok.” More behind the cut.

The Tweet that started it all:

It didn’t stop there:

Starbucks responds:

The original scammer jokes about it:

ONTD, would you create a scam to secure a no. 1 for your fave?

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Tags: fandom / stan culture, food / food industry, i can't, lady gaga, ratings / charts - billboard
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