'Treehouse' from Hulu's 'Into The Dark' is a #Metoo story with a twist


'Into The Dark' has been delivering monthly Blumhouse movies on Hulu since October, some hit or miss. For March, Jimmi Simpson stars as a celebrity chef trying to escape a tabloid scandal with a weekend getaway that goes awry.

"I had an idea for this movie for years, well before #MeToo and Time’s Up," director James Roday told Refinery29 over phone. "The genesis was having a lot of really good friends who are women, and listening to their stories of social injustice, normalized unacceptable sexual behavior, and toxic masculinity, and feeling like I wish I could do something other than pat them on the back and carry a sign twice a year."

Roday said it was important to have more women in production crew for this movie. "We hired all women department heads to make this movie, from design to editing to composing," Roday said. "It is so easy and simple it is to populate a film set with talented women because there are so many of them."

The director shared that real change is going to take generations, deprogramming and talking to kids differently, and in meantime we should try to bring about change any means necessary.

'Treehouse' is streaming on Hulu.

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