People Genuinely Believe Meghan Markle is Faking Her Pregnancy

Meghan Markle has come in for more than her fair share of criticism since joining the British royal family last year, and I'm not referring to the crap coming from her publicity-hungry father and half-sister.

London tabloids and royal watchers alike delight in thinly-veiled racist and classist attacks portraying her as a conniving, social climbing American interloper. But the latest criticism of her to gain traction online is that she's faking her current pregnancy by wearing a "moonbump" prosthesis. The hashtag #DuchessofDeception is currently trending on Twitter.

Just a sample of the insanity:

There's even a "Moonbump Mountbatten Windsor" twitter account dedicated to the fake royal pregnancy, although it also branches out to general Meghan-hating:

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