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Advocates for survivors of sexual abuse object to bus ads proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence

· Advocates for survivors of sexual abuse are speaking out against London bus ads, saying the ads send the wrong message and may discourage victims from speaking out for fear they will not be believed. The ads feature a photo of Michael Jackson with his mouth covered with the word "innocent" and the slogan, "Facts don't lie. People do."
· In an interview with ITV, one advocate said, "My message for transport for London, on behalf of victims of sexual violence, and those that support and work with victims of sexual violence, is to take it down, is to get rid of it"
· ITV also spoke to a fan [I am assuming he's the one behind the ads but ITV didn't introduce anyone by name in this piece, so idk] who said the ads exist because Michael's "not here to defend himself & TV stations have their platform to tell their story." The fan says he's "not at all" worried that the slogan discourages abuse survivors from speaking out because the slogan is specific to Michael Jackson
· The ads were paid for by fans in a crowdfunding campaign which raised £13,435 of their £20,000 goal in one month. The ads began their run this week and will continue until the end of March. A complaint has been filed with Transport for London, although the ads don't appear to violate any rules. Michael's nephew Taj takes credit for the slogan and said he is proud to see it on the buses
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