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Kim Kardashian Begs YouTube to Stop Alleged 'Momo Challenges' From Appearing in Kids Videos

· On IG stories, Kim shared a Facebook post from a parent warning others to monitor their children's Youtube time after discovering the "Momo challenge"
· Per the parent, Momo turns up midway through child-friendly videos (e.g., unboxing videos, Peppa Pig, etc) and threatens to kill the child's parents and encourages children to set fires or kill themselves
· Kim tagged Youtube and said "please help!!" Youtube thanked Kim and released a statement, saying they haven't seen any recent evidence of videos which promote the Momo challenge. Youtube says videos that encourage violent or harmful challenges are against their policy, although Momo herself (hahahahah) isn't against their policy. They said Momo isn't allowed on Youtube Kids and they are taking steps to ensure she doesn't appear there in the future


The best part about this is the parents all over social media saying, "I showed Momo to my 4 year old and he said he's never seen her but now he's scared to sleep by himself!" hahaha
what's y'all's favorite internet hoax?
Tags: kardashian / jenner, viral
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