ONTD makes an appearance on Cory Kennedy's Instagram Story

ONTD, do you remember Cory Kennedy? Not only does she appear in my icon with Jessica Stam, but she frequently appeared in photos on The Cobra Snake in the mid-late 2000s, and was probably ahead of her time in terms of being an influencer. (Her mother eventually realized she was a 16-year-old in LA nightclubs, and shipped her off to boarding school.)

Anyways, her sister Chris Kennedy sent her a photo of young Cory with Kim Kardashian, to which Cory replied "Lol." We made it, ONTD!

The ONTD post in question is from 2007 and can be seen here.

What's Cory up to now? She seems to have distanced herself from Mark Hunter AKA The Cobrasnake, although she posts the occasional photo from that heyday. She still gets invitations to fashion shows.

Sources: Me and my Instagram Story viewing/screenshotting skills, Google for finding the ONTD post

ONTD, did you live that alt rock/hipster life in the 2000s?