Christoph Waltz Talks About Music Pollution And Learning To Read Manga

-Plays a paternal kind character who is a mentor like figure to Alita. "Amongst your friends, I'm sure there are people who are very, very good. They're not lesser friends for that, but they're not the most exciting ones. They're very reliable."
-Its been 10 years since he was introduced to American audiences and says that its nice to be recognized for his work. There's a sense of responsibility to him because many people see it.
-Is getting more into opera work and is considering directing an opera in the future. He respects real musicians and feels that music is something that humans need to survive.
-Is very private about how he works because its none of their business and its up to the audience to decide.
-"That's why this movie is a real experience. You leave your stuff and you also leave the stuff you amassed erroneously thinking that you know how movies are put together. Don't interfere with your own experience. Go and see. It's a nice arc for our conversation, isn’t it?"

-“I wouldn’t even know how to call the level of frustration anymore. Devastation. Desperation. Loss of words, really.
-“I wonder increasingly so, will the clowns who triggered it ever take responsibility for it?
-“Are we going to be able to say, ‘stand and explain and look at it? Take responsibility and as the Americans would say, man up?’ I doubt it.”

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