'The View' Round-Up: Jared Kushner security clearance, Bernie Sanders, Natasha Lyonne, Tyler Perry

The New York Times reported that Trump told his advisors to give his son-in-law Jared Kushner security clearance, going against their advice because of concerns about Kushner's business dealings. They discuss Abby's sit-down interview with Ivanka Trump, who claimed that her father had nothing to do with her and Kushner getting their security clearance. Meghan says the reason she doesn't like Ivanka is because there never seems to be a real person in there.

Bernie Sanders says that this time around his campaign will "be stronger, we’ll be involving more people, it’ll be more diverse, and most importantly, this time, we’re gonna win." In response to critics who say he's too old, he says "judge people by the work that they do." While Hillary Clinton has given advice to his opponents like Amy Klobuchar, she has not called him and Sanders does not anticipate talking to her. They have fundamental differences.

Sanders is embarrassed to have a president who does not believe in climate change. He says he has made a lot of improvements and changes to the structure of his campaign to make sure that sexual harassment does not occur.

Natasha Lyonne discusses her relationship with Fred Armisen, who impersonated Joy on Saturday Night Live. She talks about how she got involved with Amy Poehler to make Russian Doll.

Tyler Perry discusses his final Madea movie. They also talk about his portrayal of Colin Powell on Vice.

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