We will never see the sex scenes for 'Crazy Rich Asians'


  • Adele Lim, screenwriter for the movie originally planned for there to be several sex scenes

  • Possibly wanting the largest audience for the movie Director John M. Chu and producers axed them

  • Adele says she wanted the sex scenes as the movie was for women and on a larger scale Asian men were never protrayed as sexy

  • She elaborates that asian women in pop culture are protrayed as sex workers while asian men are protrayed in tech-y asexuals roles. The shot of the character Michael (pictured above) coming out of the shower is quite foreign to cinema but Adele wants to make it normal and for others to get used to the idea that asian men can be sexy. Click here to view the scene

  • Lastly Adele is all for objectifying asian men, as she pretty much wants to be more common. She is glad they axed the scenes in favour of a larger audience but if she had her way the movie would've had a mature rating.

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