Rome Flynn says get ready for a "big twist" in the #HTGAWM season 5 finale tonight

Flynn (Gabriel) says about the finale: “The end of the finale is going to really shake stuff up. You never know what to expect.”

Since it hasn't been renewed for a 6th season yet, Flynn admits things won't be wrapped up in the finale: “It won’t be tied up at all, I don’t think so at all if it ended with this last episode. You’d be left with more questions, I feel like. I’m hopeful that we come back for season 6. I think they’ve done well with the writing and going back to the roots of How to Get Away with Murder before I was there. As a fan of the show myself, when I watched I really liked the courtroom scenes and the classroom scenes. They kind of went back to that sort of formula, and I think that it resulted in people just being crazy about it again.”

Discussion/Episode post for S05E15 - Please Say No One Else Is Dead