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Buffyverse cast stage reunion + BTVS #2 reboot recap


-Over the weekend, majority of the Buffyverse cast got together for Wizard World Con Portland.

-Main cast members in attendance were Alyson Hannigan/Willow Rosenberg, Amber Benson/Tara McClay, James Marsters/Spike, Charisma Carpenter/Cordelia Chase, Nicholas Brendon/Xander Harris, Amy Acker/Fred Burke, and Alexis Denisof/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce were in attendance . Also in attendance were actors Julie Benz/Darl, Iyari Limon/Potential Slayer, James Leary/Clem, Clare Kramer/Glory.

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-BTVS #2 came out this past Wednesday and with it continued the changes to the Buffyverse that we knew and loved.

-Buffy has a nightmare that featured demonic/dead versions of Giles/Willow/Xander attacking her.

-Joyce has a live in boyfriend who attempts to try to befriend Buffy but B has no interest in getting to know him.

-Cordelia is finally introduced and with her some changes to the iconic Cordy that we knew. This is her first time meeting Buffy since they dont have any classes together. Cordelia is running for class President against Willow and she is full of sun shine and giggles with not a mean girl bone in her body. She is nice towards Buffy, towards Willow, and even towards...SPIKE.

-Cordelia is very concerned about the environment and while going back to her car she loses one of her balloons and chases after it so it doesnt harm the Earth and runs into Spike in the woods, the two have a little convo and he lets her leave without trying to kill her.

-We are introduced to Willows cool girlfriend, Rose who reminds her that she is just as beautiful as Cordelia Chase.

-Buffy is on the track team and is introduced to Robin Wood who is also on track, they get their flirt on.

-Drusilla attempts to torture Anya, it is revealed that she is a Demon "witch" who refuses to give Dru an artifact that she is after. Anya tricks Dru into releasing a giant Bat creature that feasts on vampires.

-The issue ends with Xander who is all alone and depressed, he continues to narrate throughout the issue.

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