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Entourage's Kevin Connolly tells New York Islanders fans to behave themselves, Ralph Macchio agrees

-Kevin Connolly, a New York Islanders super fan, is telling fans to behave themselves this Thursday when former Islander John Tavares comes to town with his new team, the Toronto Maple Leafs
-It will be Tavares' first time back since signing with the Leafs
-Tavares signed with Toronto because he's from there, as is his wife, and it was his childhood dream to play there
-Tavares left the Islanders at a time when their future arena, coach, and team roster were all in question
-Islanders fans have called him a "Snake" (Taylor's impact!)
-Long Islanders have been pissed since he signed on July 1, 2018, and plan to boo/wreak havoc at the Nassau Coliseum
-The Islanders are first in their division, so things haven't entirely been in shambles since he left
-Ralph Macchio agreed with Kevin Connolly

Bonus: Incensed Islanders fans created a "Dear John" video to tell him that they will never forgive him.

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