Dr. Phil on the Catch Me Outside Girl (Bhad Bhabie)

Dr. Phil appeared on Joe Rogan's show yesterday and talked about Danielle Bregoli a.k.a. Catch Me Outside Girl a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie. Dr. Phil calls it his "moment of infamy."

After the episode aired, the show sent Bregoli to a ranch where she made a lot of behavioral improvements. All of the progress she made was undone in one day of returning to her mother's house. Bregoli and her mother were dumbstruck that there was no studio audience to "showboat for" during their second appearance on Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil takes no credit or blame for Bregoli's popularity but he says "more power to her" if she can turn this experience into something positive. He asks Rogan if she has any musical talent; neither of them have heard any of her songs.


Should Dr. Phil take responsibility for the rise of Bhad Bhabie?