Cardi B x Reebok: 90’s slang and more

Born in 1992, Cardi B partners with Reebok for a new commercial titled Cardi B VS The 90’s. In the clip, Reebok tests the Bronx native’s 90’s knowledge in a series of challenges. She’s asked to see how many slap on bracelets she can put on her wrists in 20 secs, send a fax, do the Macarena, and finally, translate 90’s slang such as:

I’m all that and a bag of chips
Talk to the hand
Psyche (see also: syke or sike)
Home skillet
Oh snap

“Please Me” music video with Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s horchata drops this Friday, March 1st.

ONTD, favorite memory/slang from the 90’s?
Do you like horchata (the actual drink)?

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