'The View' Round-Up: AOC on Having Kids, Cohen Testimony, Jordyn/Tristan Hookup, Kristen Bell

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was on Instagram Live the other day and talked about how young people are facing a moral dilemma about having kids given the state of the climate. Both Joy and Sunny are concerned about climate change and have frequent chats about it backstage. Meanwhile, Abby thinks this is the most outrageous thing that AOC has ever said. She thinks AOC is advocating for the extinction of the human race (LOL). Meghan brings up abortion (???) and asks Democrats if they want to be the party of late-term abortion and infanticide because that is where they are headed. Sunny tries to push back but Meghan keeps interrupting her.

Joy asks if Cohen's testimony will live up to the hype. Sunny thinks it will and that we will hear about the following: Trump's contacts with Russia, hush payments, how Trump manages his business, the emoluments clause, and Trump's racist comments. Cohen is testifying three different times. Abby reminds everyone that Cohen is not a hero and that he has been Trump's fixer for more than a decade. Meghan doesn't think that there will be a giant smoking gun tomorrow and is more worried about North Korea pursuing nuclear weapons. Sunny thinks we need to stop talking about the "smoking gun" because from a legal standpoint, it's more about the circumstantial evidence.

Abby says that you can't blame alcohol and that Jordyn is responsible for her own actions. Sunny says that legally you can't consent if you are drunk. The panel agrees that Jordyn broke girl code by hooking up with Tristan. Abby says we shouldn't just blame the woman, what about Tristan? "Once a cheater, always a cheater."

Dax Shephard talks about how jealousy is the least attractive part of a relationship and how he roots for his wife's love scenes. He is rooting for Eleanor and Chidi on The Good Place. Are Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard couple goals?

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ONTD, do you want kids? Are you second guessing having them because of climate change?