Nicollette Sheridan exits Dynasty + RHOBH feud

-In an unexpected move...Nicollette Sheridan is leaving Dynasty after joining the cast last year as Alexis Carrington. She states that she needs to focus on "personal family responsibilities"

-Dynasty execs are thinking about recasting the role.

-Should Nicollette join RHOBH? With the addition of Denise Richards to the cast, it was revealed that Nicollette was married to both Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards current husbands. Rinna revealed that Nicollette cheated on Harry Hamlin with Michael Bolton and just left him which helped paved the way to Rinna swooping in to pick up the left overs. Nicollette did not appreciate this and went up against the reality tv couple on twitter.

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Such a shame as she seemed like she was having a blast on the show.