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Michelle Yeoh post: Elle Magazine's Legends issue & at the Oscars

Since this post is tweet-heavy I also used spoiler cuts throughout.

Michelle Yeoh is featured in the Legends issue for Elle magazine. Some tidbits from the article:

  • She says she's always hungry. She's also a Leo!

  • On the iconic scene in Crazy Rich Asians where her character, Eleanor, tells Rachel that she'll never be enough: “I’ve never had this conversation with Constance, but something definitely intimidated her every time,” says director Jon M. Chu. “Constance couldn’t get through the scene because she would just break down and cry. It was just so brutal. They’re just words! It’s crazy.”

  • Chu has also said that Yeoh should have more recognition and be on the same level as Meryl Streep.

  • For years she was billed as "Michelle Khan" but after appearing in 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, she started using her birth name.

  • On crossing over to Hollywood: “When I first came out here, honestly, there was no regard for Asian actors,” Yeoh says. “They were like, ‘Oh, you speak English!’”

  • The interviewer reads this tweet to her. (She laughs in response.)

  • On her gorgeous ring used in Crazy Rich Asians: "I believe in treating yourself. I believe that things should speak to you, and when I saw that stone, it was like love at first sight.”

Some pictures from the article! She's gorgeous.

Oscars Red Carpet: Wearing a stunning Elie Saab gown & short interview addressing gender diversity

[more photos & short interview]

In this red carpet interview with E!, she talks about her outfit and the energy of the Oscars: "The most important thing is let's have a great time!" She brings up how there were many great female performances this year and also says she was disappointed that no women directors were nominated.

On stage at the show:

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