Lil Xan fans seem to be thinking that he is lying about the pregnancy.

Thoughts? - Okay so, I usually don’t put too much of my input on my posts but literally what the fuck? like actually what the whole fuck ?? I don’t know anything about pregnancies and ultrasounds so pardon me if there’s some perfectly reasonable explanation for this but these photos literally line up perfectly. Now I know everyone’s gonna say it, but I don’t think Annies crazy or she’s lying to diego. She cant fake pissing on a stick and it being positive and fake a growing stomach and fake going to the doctors with him for an ultrasound. That’s literally impossible, So if they’re lying about this it’s both of them. Even though I reallyyy wanna believe they wouldn’t lie about things like this something I noticed is ?? They never showed the engagement ring, or more specifically they never showed the pregnancy test, and I know you’re not obligated to but most couples do ? They also didn’t show any pictures of her getting the ultrasound done. Again I’m not saying any of this is unusual but it shows there’s no proof of any of this and puts the possibility of this being completely fake, still out there. - - - #lilxan#drama#tea#diegoleanos#xanarchy#news#heartbreaksoldier#xanxiety

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Lil Xan and his girlfriend Annie previously announced that they were expecting a baby. Now fans seem to think that they are either lying or getting ultrasound pictures from Google images for some unknown reason as this perfectly lines up with what is shown in their vlog (swipe the IG post).

Yikes. Do you think the ultrasound is fake?

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