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ONTD Original: The most memorable moments in dancerie by Mary J. Blige in gifs

Mary J. Blige is a 10-time Grammy Award winning singer and 2-time Academy Award© nominated actress, songwriter, dancer, and is known as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. And you will respect her as such. Bring up her commercials in this post and so help me God I will clock you with a crispy chicken wrap and old AT&T mobile flip phone myself. Absolutely no hateration or holleration in this dancerie. All joking aside and without further ado, let’s get into some dancerie in no particular order by the Queen.

The Lightsaber Dance

Absolutely no photoshopping here people!
Auntie Mary is that good and Iconic.

The Freestyle Blige

She’s really feelin’ herself and her music. Same.

The Church Lady

It was that good of a sermon y’all.

The It’s So Good You Can’t
Just Gif One Moment

It needed its full on video to show off this excellence in dancerie. But here:

The Hat Dance

Her hat is fitted, it looks good, and she can’t see any hateration with it being so low.

The Hail Mary Stomp

Jumping over drama and she landing on her feet.

The Go On and Shake It

Go Mary, go Mary, go Mary!

The Blige Boot Two-Step

These boots were made for two-stepping.

The Put The Knife Down
Before You Dance

Kerry Washington wanted to join but safety first Mary.

The Let Me Show You
How to Strut

Watch and learn Taylor Swift.

The Blige High Kick

If you get in the way and get kicked, it’s your own fault.

The “This is My Jam!”

It’s 1:13am and the DJ finally played the song you requested because you’ve been bothering him all night to play it. Bless.

The Choo Choo Betch

Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it
Come on, it's the choo, choo
Come on, it's the choo, choo train

Want More?

Throwback Favorite

You can currently watch Mary J. Blige on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy as Cha-Cha. A ruthless assassin who works with her partner Hazel. Support talent!

Did I miss one? There are so many. Please feel free to share your favorite Mary gifs and music in the comments. This is an appreciation post all things Mary with a focus on her iconic dancing. :)

Sources: Me, Google Image Search & 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Tags: black celebrities, gif away, music / musician (r&b and soul), ontd original
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