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Amy Sedaris Is a Gem, Discusses Her Everyday Routine, DRINKS LEMON WATER

  • Amy has a free-roaming rabbit named Tina and often awakens to him in her face. Her morning starts with taking care of his rabbity needs. She talks to her plants by saying, “Hey!” That’s it. “Hey!” Maybe she says more, she didn’t elaborate. Plants probably don’t need much than that. I mean, other than water and sunlights. Tina is a boy, by the way — I’m not intentionally misgendering even a gentle bunny — and only found out after he got sick. “So I just think of Tina as a big queen.”

  • On exercising: “I’m always like, ‘I don’t want to run! I fucking hate working out!i I just do it because I want to be able to bend over.”

  • She drinks LEMON WATER every morning because Justin Theroux told her to do it. Actually, she just has a lemon and only sometimes drinks it with water. I’m picturing Amy sitting at her kitchen nook, eating a whole lemon. I love it. I love her.

  • She talks about her inspo for crafts, and I recommend visiting the source and reading that. She follows @MeatGuys on instagram, and I’m excited to find out what that is about.

  • She doesn’t have a housekeeper! Relatable queen! She does all the cleaning, all the laundry herself!

  • Amy buys scented candles and julienned carrots for Tina, her rabbit, as a treat.

  • On Marie Kondo: Not a fan. She threw out her book.

Go to the source to read about her nighttime routine. I just picked the essentials.

This post is dedicated to syphilisdiller

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