artist’s black history month portrait series spotlights black horror icons

artist francesco francavilla has paid tribute to a different black horror icon for everyday day of black history month with a portrait while also highlighting their accomplishments within the genre.

portraits include...

  • duane jones (night of the living dead)

  • danai gurira (the walking dead)

  • wesley snipes (blade)

  • grace jones (vamp)

  • laurence fishburne (event horizon)

  • angela bassett (a vampire in brooklyn)

  • benjamin sherman crothers (the shining)

  • naomie harris (28 days later)

  • percy rodrigues (“his voice-over [in] horror movie trailers –-jaws, the exorcist–-made him the voice of horror,” francavilla notes)

  • jada pinkett-smith (tales from the crypt: demon knight and scream 2)

  • bolaji badejo (the literal alien in alien)

  • kevin peter hall (the literal predator in predator).

and more


five more days and i refuse to let any more of the untenable fuckery stop my joy in the remainder of black history month.

ontd, late night horror post...? yes/yes?--also, thanks hjalmartazar for adding the horror tag

to everyone that participated in this post
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