"Crazy Rich Asians" Director: #StarringJohnCho movement inspired me to make the film

In a new Kore Am media interview, perfect sexy daddy John Cho (rocking? high-waters) and director Jon M. Chu discussed the romcom phenome-nom "Crazy Rich Asians" (highest-grossing romcom in a decade!) and how it came to be. This basically consisted of Chu fanboying hard over the Choverlord, as is natural and right.

In similarly sexy news, "Crazy Rich Asians" screenwriter Adele Lim revealed that she purposefully wrote in many, many shirtless scenes with the film's hot men to fight the implicit Western understanding, and explicit Western imagery, that Asian men are neutered and sexless. She fights for us all.

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ontd, if you were a screenwriter, how many shirtless scenes would you include for the male characters and what would be your excuses for them?