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Armie Hammer talks white privilege, straight actors playing gay roles, and blackface

Actor Armie Hammer chats with The Independent. The conversation starts off about white privilege. During the interview he checks his privilege and says, “Yeah, I mean there’s things all the time that I catch myself doing. Case in point, sitting here with my feet on the table. I mean like, I’m just being comfortable and relaxed, but like ... There are things all the time that I catch myself doing and I think, ‘Wait a second, is this white privilege? Yeah, I think it is. Look at what I’m doing. Yeesh’.”

The interviewer then brings up actor Darren Criss and his stance on no longer accepting gay roles because he didn’t want to be “another straight boy taking a gay man’s role.” Armie admits he never thought about that while playing those roles and that he would hate to think he could only play certain roles that fit who he is.

He goes on to compare it to blackface saying, “That being said, the conversation is different now. People are asking, should straight actors take LGBTQA roles? I don’t know. I’m certainly not the authority on that. But we are a much more sensitive and evolved world now than ... I mean look, people used to don black face in movies and that was acceptable, and now we say, ‘no, you can’t f**king do that’. And I think that’s right, I completely agree with that, but I don’t know. I guess the answer is – I don’t know.”

You can read his full interview at the source.

Tags: armie hammer, interview, lgbtq / rights, men are weak, race / racism

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