'Killing Eve' Covers Entertainment Weekly

  • EW interviewed Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer for their cover story on Killing Eve.

  • Comer loves that Villanelle is not your typical lady assassin wearing a sexy catsuit.

  • During filming, Comer had to eat pasta in a grotesque, childish way, and she actually started choking. The onset medic had to intervene, and she says it ruined pasta for her.

  • Comer says that fans of the show have really connected with Viillanelle's sexuality, and the dynamic between the two female characters that isn't often explored on television.

  • They think Villanelle would be a Housewives fan.

[S1 Spoilers]

  • Oh says that she worked through the S1 finale with creator/writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and originally it was set to go the other way, but Sandra Oh didn't think it felt right. They play-acted through it, and felt that Eve stabbing Villanelle set up a lot of interesting questions - why is she doing this? Why did Villanelle let her do it? Why did Eve remove the knife?

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