Misha and Vicki Collins releasing a book, "The Adventurous Eaters Club"

You can pre-order the hardback or Kindle editions (set to be released November 5th, 2019) on Amazon. Misha and Vicki talk about their battles to get son West to eat as a toddler and how they succumbed to pressure by giving him processed foods at first until they figured out a way to get their kids to eat healthy - by inviting them into the kitchen and allowed them to play and explore. Their kids now "eat salad as a comfort food" and neither has to rely on coercion, trickery, or treats to get them to eat. They interview early childhood educators, pediatricians, and therapists, draw on nutrition studies and child development research to reveal their strategies. There's also recipes for such foods as Green Eggs & Ham popovers, shitake Cripsies, salad popsicles, and kale and bacon sushi. Vicki previously wrote a book back in 2007 about threesomes.