Some Youtubers Wrote Some Books (Tryguys and Rhett & Link).

First up are the Try Guys, who will be realeasing The Hidden Power of F*cking Up on June 18th. It's described as a sorta self help book where each Try Guy tries out a new thing outside of their comfort zone. It's split into four categories (health, style, work and love). Keith goes vegan and Eugene trys to connect with his family. You can preorder here if you want. The cover is ugly.

Rhett & Link's book, The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, comes out on October 29th, just in time for Halloween! It's just been announced so not much is known about it. Theres a rather long summary of it on their Amazon page, heres a TL;DR. Two characters loosley based off them "Rex McClendon and Leif Nelson" join forces with "NYU film school grad Janine Blitstein" to uncover the dark forces behind their sleepy North Carolina town "Bleak Creek" in 1992. Theres promises of paranormal themes and their school houses a "dark secret" that involves it's founder. It could be promising?

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