Rebel Wilson Says Dating Was Easier in Atlanta: 'I Was Considered a 10 There'

Rebel Wilson is looking for love again but says it isn’t all that easy finding it in Los Angeles.
When she shot Pitch Perfect 3 in Atlanta, she was popular there. She was considered a 10 there.
She says Hollywood’s beauty standards are very unrealistic.

With 'Isn’t It Romantic' she is representing real women as a romantic lead
70% percent of American women are plus-size (size 14 and over).
She is actually the average for an American woman, which is 16-18.
In representation in films…it’s less than 1 percent where you see plus-size girl starring in a film.

For her new dating ventures, she says she is using dating app Raya.
She looks for someone who is physically bigger than her. It makes her feel more feminine.
If she feels like she's going to crush a guy in a cage fight, then they are probably not the guy for her.
She really just wants to meet someone who is generous and nice.