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Move Over, Hype! - Here are Some Young, Black Emerging Music Video Directors (ONTD Original)

This is part 3.5 in OP's series of Black Histroy Month posts. She has covered the Amandla Stenberg's TV static performance in Where Hands Touch, black female musicians in rock and country, some Afrofuturism tracks for the cookout, and tried to list every black female rapper in existence who is not Belcalis Almanzar. Well, it's time to take a look behind the camera to show some music young, black music video directors who have taken their immense talent to elevate songs that we love with gorgeous visuals.

1. Jenn Nkiru - a Howard University graduate, she has directed videos for Neneh Cherry, Kamasi Washington and contributed to Beyoncé and Jay Z's "APESHIT". In addition to music videos, Nkiru has made critically acclaimed short films including "Rebirth is Necessary".

Her advice for young artists: "I would say never hesitate to go for what you truly want to do. Just keep going, keep pushing. If you're at the place where it seems super hard and/or it's just not going your way DO NOT STOP, keep on and go even harder – this point is the testing point, the tipping point of your evolution. It's the point at which your greatest breakthroughs and development will happen, if you keep on, but it's also the point at which you will come undone if you choose to stop. It's all your choice, never forget that."

2. Lacey Duke - she was inspired to direct by watching Missy Elliott videos and her director influences include Flora Sigismondi, Michel Gondry and Ava Duvernay. She's also directed a Samsung ad featuring Issa Rae.

3. Melina Matsoukas - a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, she's a prolific music video director whose career spans more than a decade (okay, so she really shouldn't be on the list but her work is so great!), she has also directed episodes for the HBO hit show Insecure.

4. Akinola Davies - he's a London based artist of Nigerian heritage who started the Nigerian Lives Matter movement. He's directed videos for Neneh Cherry (y'all I keep name dropping this woman for a reason) and indie music king Blood Orange

5. Karena Evans - gotta represent for the LightSkinnded. Inspired by Melina Matsoukas, she has also directed videos for fellow LiteBrite Drake, but I'm not posting his stuff.

6. Jerry Production - a Detroit native, he has directed videos for artists hailing from his hometown such as DeJ Loaf and Famous Dex

Other young MV directors: Brandon Singleton of Str8 Up Ent, Antonier Thomas of TwoneShotThat, Corey Watts of CT Films, Cleveland Smith of XaltusMedia

ONTD, what other emerging black videographers and MV directors can you share with us? It's a way to highlight people behind the camera and hopefully find new music!

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Tags: beyoncé, black celebrities, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), music video, ontd original, solange
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