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Eurovision roundup: more songs + artists + controversy

Hello! More news of Eurovision 2019. This time, I'll start with the artists because of the controversy.







It all happened in Romania. There were two big favorites to win the contest: Laura Bretan and Bella Santiago.

However, a week before the finale, a video of Laura Bretan supporting a referendum that was against gay marriage surfaced.

It started a debate of whether she should be held accountable for the video or not (the main arguments being "She's only 16", "She was forced by her parents", "Eurovision should be about music", "They just uploaded the video to make her lose", "She is old enough to take part in Eurovision so she is old enough to know what she did was homophobic", "Eurovision is a contest where LGBT people feel represented so it's fair that people don't want a homophobe to represent any country", "Laura lives in America so she should have known better".

Well, the voting system in Romanian's selection has changed this year and most of the power of decision was within juries. In the end, neither won. Ester Peony did.

People are questioning the results and the power of the juries because Ester had a low score on televote (3 out of 12 points). Furthermore, two of the juries were Deban and William, from the website Wiwibloggs. In a previous react video prior to the finale, they praised Laura and didn't love Ester, while in the jury votes, they only gave 4 and 6 points to Laura and two 12 to Ester. People are questioning their "change of mind". Another thing that is being (way less) questioned is Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013, part of the jury this time) not giving any points to Bella.

There is a online petition asking for a revote in the Romanian NF. Ester is receiving hate comments from both Laura's and Bella's fandoms.

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