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UnAnonymous Razzie Ballot: Who Should 'Win'?

THR critic Frank Scheck has seen all the nominated films and performances, a feat unparalleled. And now he's giving his picks for The Worst of The Year.

  • Thinks the Worst Movie choices are mostly weak bc they're predictable; Wonders where Life Itself and Welcome to Marwen are. Picks Holmes and Watson by default.

  • Actually this dude uses a lot of 'process of elimination' to pick the 'winners'.

  • Is dismissive of the nominations for Depp and Ludacris bc they were nominated for voice-work (Sherlock Gnomes, Show Dogs)

  • Calls Bruce Willis in Death Wish "wooden".

  • Lot of stuff about the nonsense that was Gotti (Kelli Preston's casting is NEPOTISM!) and Death of A Nation.

  • Because the OP will look for any reason to bring this movie to the forefront, luckily this author believes the Razzie Redeemer Award should go to Sony Pictures Animation, because going from The Emoji Movie (worst of 2017) to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is a big accomplishment.


The Razzies are given out the day before the Oscars. 
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