Happy ALANtine's Day: Steve Coogan is bringing Alan Partridge back to the BBC!

Brexit is on the horizon, the climate's more or less fucked, we're stuck with Orange Twitler for at least another year and the UK remains as divided as ever. So, with all this in mind, thank God for Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge, who's set to return to the BBC on the 25th February with his new series, This Time With Alan Partridge.

The new show features Alan replacing the regular presenter of "a One Show-style magazine programme."

The show won't directly reference Brexit because it's an issue that moves to fast to keep up with, and it's not meant to be a political satire. However, it will feature Partridge grappling with #MeToo, gender politics and everything else that's currently dividing the country. In the way that only Alan can.


A teaser has also been released:

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