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Steven Spielberg takes veiled shot at streamers, urges filmmakers to make movies for theaters

  • Steven Spielberg accepted the Filmmaker Award at the Cinema Audio Society’s CAS Awards this past Saturday.

  • In his acceptance speech he commented on making movies for theaters versus television/streaming.

  • “I hope all of us really continue to believe that the greatest contributions we can make as filmmakers is to give audiences the motion picture theatrical experience [...] I love television. I love the opportunity. Some of the greatest writing being done today is for television, some of the best directing for television, some of the best performances [are] on television today."

  • He went on to say, "But there’s nothing like going to a big dark theatre with people you’ve never met before and having the experience wash over you."

  • In March of 2018 he had this to say about Netflix: “Once you commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie. You certainly, if it’s a good show, deserve an Emmy, but not an Oscar. I don’t believe films that are just given token qualifications in a couple of theaters for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination.”

Tags: award show - other, film director, netflix
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