Mexican "actor" insults Yalitza Aparicio

An Instagram video of the "actor" Sergio Goyri talking about Yalitza's nomination got viral because he insulted her with racist words, calling her "pinche india" , he said: " They nominated a pinche india who says "yes ma'am, no ma'am" for best actress at the oscars"

This got him a lot of backlash so the guy "apologized"

He said he didn't want to offend anyone but that he knows he owes her and all the people who got offended an apology, he clarifies he didn't have any ill intent for saying those words, the "funny" thing to all of this is that the one who uploaded the video is the actor's wife.

To clarify: "India(o)" is a despective word used against people of indigenous descent, the only way i can think of where it isn't used with racist intent is to talk about people from India (the country) or anything related to it but (in hispanoamerica)if you use it for a indigenous person it is racist, add the "pinche" that in this case has negative connotations and his intention was clear.

Edit: Yalitza responded:

“Yo estoy orgullosa de ser una indígena oaxaqueña y me apena que haya personas que no sepan el significado correcto de las palabras”

“I am proud to be an Oaxacan indigenous woman and it saddens me that there are people who do not know the correct meaning of words.”

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ONTD, have you ever been caught on tape saying something awful and then backtracked?