FBI Opens Up Investigated Into Ryan Adams Over Sexting Allegations w/ Teen Girl

TW: Childhood Sexual Abuse

The New York Times read and verified over 3000 texts between Ryan Adams and a musician who was 14 years old when he began communicating with her. When she was 16, he repeatedly begged her to tell him she was 18, but he also asked her to keep the texts a secret, worried about her mom finding out, and texted, “If people knew they would say I was like R Kelley lol.” Shortly after “joking” about R. Kelly, he told her to touch her nipple.

Ryan Adams denies the allegations, of course, and has his lawyer claiming she looked “approximately” 20.

Sadly, this young woman quit playing music as a direct result of Ryan Adam’s alleged predatory behavior. Just imagine how many careers have been torpedoed by predatory men in music.