20 Academy voters weigh in on their votes for this year's Best Picture nominees (and more) to NYT

Yes, the anonymous ballots have begun, and this time the NY Times talked to 20 different people - most seem to be on the older, whiter side - and shared a few of their thoughts on the 8 best picture nominees. Voting for the Oscars is taking place now through Tuesday.

-- On 'Bohemian Rhapsody', voters called it superficial and messy, don't take Singer's allegations into account, and - ALL 20 VOTED FOR RAMI MALEK (so best actor's in the bag).
-- The arguments against 'Black Panther' should not be surprising - superhero movies are below these esteemed Academy voters, and choosing a Disney movie!? Never!
-- With 'BlacKkKlansman', they felt it was a great, history-making movie and the type that should win BP, but they felt didn't connect with them on an emotional level. They'd also love to see Spike Lee win just to see his speech (and Spike's frontrunner for adapted screenplay so this is pretty possibly going to happen).
-- 'The Favourite' was loved, but the old whites felt the movie was a little too 'Mean Girls'-esque, with the leads scheming, double-crossing and manipulating to get what they wanted, and believed it didn't give a positive message about women.
-- The old whites LOVED 'Green Book' and its feel-good schmaltziness, which should surprise absolutely no one. This one, unfortunately, got the most positive feedback of the eight.
-- 'Roma's feedback isn't a surprise either - voters are bemused over the whole Netflix release, and unfortunately a lot of them did find it lovely, but boring.
-- 'Vice' thankfully got shat on all over the place, especially director Adam McKay's self-important take on this terrible ass fucking movie. The voters praised Christian Bale and Amy Adams' performances, but were wary to vote for such a super-white movie, citing #OscarsSoWhite in previous years.
-- Finally, 'A Star Is Born'. This one baffled voters like it baffled all of us. It was expected to be the front-runner, but after basically losing every major awards, the voters lost interest as well. They're also tired of Lady Gaga's OTT acceptance speeches, and the older voters went back to compare it to the Judy Garland version, which did not favor Bradley Cooper's version at all. And here we are.

Source: https://twitter.com/nytimesarts/status/1096044554019618817