How embarrassing! Youtuber MKBHD is exposing celebs sponsoring Android phones from iPhones

- Youtuber Marques Brownlee is exposing celebs and cancelling their sponsorship deals.
- Celebs are stupid, and they don't know Twitter publishes which app they're using
- He exposed Gal Gadot for tweeting most of her Huawei sponsored tweets from 'Twitter for iPhone'. Gal Gadot blocked him, Huawei contacted him and later she kept doing it.
- Indian actress Anushka Sharma has been promoting her Pixel ads from 'Twitter for iPhone'.
- Samsung and Huawei official accounts have also been tweeting from 'Twitter for iPhone'.
- Shoutout to a classic: Oprah tweeting about buying 12 Microsoft Surface tablets...from 'Twitter for iPad'.


ONTD, Have you seen the light and realized iPhones are superior as well?