St. Vincent and Dua Lipa perform Masseduction/One Kiss at Grammys plus Rolling Stone Interviews.

-St. Vincent & Dua Lipa share the stage for mashup performance of their respective songs, 'Masseduction' and 'One Kiss.
-"So lucky to have shared the grammy stage with my twin for the night...the coolest, kindest and most talented St. Vincent 🖤"(Dua Lipa)

-Dua Lipa responded to the sexist President of the Grammys in her win by stating that the women this year stepped up their game.
-St. Vincent said she was glad she said that because women are expected to work harder than men to achieve what they want, and how ignorant and arrogant what Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said last year.

-Remember when Rock bands/musicians would open the Grammys?
-She won for Best Rock Song, and thanked Laura Sisk who engineered the song. Her recent album had a slew of female guests and mixers.

-Says the songs chosen: Masseduction and One Kiss are about seduction and sex.
-St. Vincent won Best Rock Song for Masseduction, and says that she loves playing guitar and rock music and was thrilled to win.
-States that both her and Dua Lipa wanted their performance to have this pull-push sexuality with similar short bob haircuts. She states that she wanted it to be sexy and intense.
-Says that the great thing about music is that at the core people being honest about their humanity, their flaws and strengths.
"I’m going to talk about the reality of the human condition. Talking about it makes it less scary and making it less scary means that other people feel less alone, and if people feel less alone people feel more empathy towards each other and less violence happens. Less shit happens and less constant critiquing happens, and that’s the point.”

-States she's on a coalition with Alicia Keys to encourage female songwriters and engineers.
-Working on directing a film soon and currently producing Sleater Kinney's new album.
-Also states that she sees the tide turning
-“Equality for all doesn’t mean ‘at the detriment of this person or that person,’ it means equality. I didn’t get to see all the awards, but I was so impressed by H.E.R. She could really fucking sing and play guitar, and she’s so young. It was so exciting to see the ratio of men and women playing guitar seem pretty equal, between H.E.R., Brandi [Carlile] and me.”

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