🔎MYSTERY! Young (animatronic) boy has hands stolen at Walt Disney World!🔍

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Buzzy in happier times

Mimimicking a particularly sick episode of SVU, Buzzy, a young animatronic boy from Epcot's Cranium Command has reportedly had his clothing and hands(!) stolen. Suspects include urban explorers and bitter cast members looking to make between $500-$8k USD (!!) on the black market.

Disney superfan and niche pop culture historian Jenny Nicholson made an in depth video about this tragedy, touching on the history of the ride and the urban explorer culture around defunct attractions at the parks:


I hope this terrible crime is solved soon and Buzzy can be reunited with his hands. I don't agree with Jenny's theory that Buzzy himself has also been stolen, as there are only police reports for the clothes and severed hands. I think he has faked his own kidnapping and is lying low.

《note to mods: the story has been ongoing for a while but the video was uploaded only yesterday and has more updated info than the older article i use as source 1》

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