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ONTD Original: The sexiest moments from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and other VH1's shows

valentine's bret flav.png
It looks like Flav is farting out a lil heart

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Are you ready to get your romance on? How about gettin' yo sexy on with the cast of VH1's reality shows?

This post is about all the sexxxiest moments from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love and others. Sit back, get the lotion and kleenex ready, and enjoy.

New York falls off the stage doing a strip tease

new york fall ontd.gif

For one of the group challenges, Flav’s ladies had to stimulate his five senses. To arouse his vision, they had to do a silhouetted striptease behind a screen. New York got really into it… in fact, a littlel too into it, and fell off the damn stage.

Flavor Flav and New York have an 8-minute kiss

hqdefault (1).jpg

Flav and New York broke a TV record: they shared an eight minute long kiss while on a dinner date. Imagine your lips pressed against Flavor Flav’s for eight minutes.

Flav has a three-way shower with Hoopz and Pumkin


Flav had a group date with Hoopz and Pumkin… and it went pretty well for him. The three rolled in mud together, swam together, and then, um, practically had a ménage à trois in the shower.

Nibblz (allegedly) gives Flav a handjob

When Nibblz and Toastee spent the night with Flav, Toastee accused Nibblz of jacking off Flav. Nibblz denied it, but Toastee said she felt the jackoff motion and heard a jackoff sound.

Bret has a four-way

Flav wasn’t the only one to have group sex on TV. On Season 1 of Rock of Love, Bret had some pretty attention-hungry frisky females. They were willing to do anything for him… including having a four-way in his bedroom, much to the other women’s annoyance.

Bret and Amber have hot monkey sex

After Bret chose Amber to be his Rock of Love, he whispered this sweet nothing: “Now let’s go have hot monkey sex.”

Bret takes his dates to a strip club

When you’re trying to romance a woman, is there any better place to take her on a first date than… a strip club? That’s where Bret took Brittany Starr, Beverly, Maria, and Melissa on their first date together.

When Beverly refused to pole dance for him, everyone called her a wet blanket and a spoil sport.

Amber doesn’t wear any panties

And when you’re wooing a gentleman you love, remind him of the important things about you: like the fact that you don’t wear panties.

New York gets off from tantric massage with 12 Pack

12 pack.gif

On a date, New York and 12 Pack stripped down to lingerie and a leopard Speedo and enjoyed some tantric sex massage. New York couldn’t help, um, coming for more.

Mr. Boston gives New York a lapdance

ny boston ontd.gif

Who is sexier:

Flavor Flav
Bret Michaels

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