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An Interview with Underrated KING Willem Dafoe!!!!

- Willem earned his first Oscar nomination 32 years ago, for his role in Platoon.

- His Oscar nom for At Eternity's Gate, in which he plays Vincent Van Gogh, will be his fourth.

- During the interview, he described playing van Gogh and his experience filming the movie:

"[...] the movie's special. It's a unique film made with a lot of love — made as a personal expression about Vincent van Gogh from an artist making a film about an artist. It was just a wonderful role. One of the beautiful things is it will help for it to be seen more widely.

People think they know about van Gogh, but this gives a whole different take on him. Julian somehow was able to get around this kind of cartoon of van Gogh as the tortured loser artist who didn't sell a painting. He was able to tap into the joyous aspect of making the paintings, without going against the information we have. He was really able to tap into the joy this man must have felt in his prolific — troubled but prolific — years of almost a painting a day toward the end of his life."


come 👏 through 👏 with 👏 the 👏 upset 👏

(a girl can dream)
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