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Authors React to a Gentrified House in the Bay Area

A local Bay Area's tweet about a renovated house caught some traction among SFF authors on twitter. This renovation has been a passion project for the San Francisco house flipper who purchased it, but people online aren't so impressed with the final exterior results (no word about the interior updates though) and are seeing it as yet another nail in the Bay Area's gentrification problem.

Blue Wang (the house flipper) on gutting and renovating the house: "I'm the kind of person who pays a lot of attention to details. You walk into this house versus another house that's on the market and it's not going to be the same because of all the details I gave a lot of thought to. I wanted to go in and do this house justice. It has been standing for 120 years. I wanted to make sure to put form, function and quality at the forefront."

Others are taking issues with how stripped of its character the new house is.

Author Saldin Ahmed

Author N.K. Jemisin

Author Neil Gaiman

Screenwriter Jane Espenson

Have people ever strongly disliked your renovation choices?
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