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FUNimation Cuts Ties with Voice Actor Vic Mignogna over Sexual Harassment Allegations

For over a decade, rumors of scummy activity at conventions have followed voice actor Vic Mignogna. Behavior ranging from sexual harassment of female guests, being a homophobic fundamentalist Christian diva (with sprinklings of anti-Semitism), and overall egotistical/jackass stunts. His behavior has been rumored and whispered about for many years, but those whispers are now becoming shouts

-Inappropriately kissing/hugging underage girls by surprise (photos at the source)
-Giving his number to 15-year-olds
-Implying he could convert a Jewish fan to Christianity because they weren't buying his Christian CDs
-Taunting a victim of sexual assault

[CW Sexual Abuse and Harassment]Numerous victims have come out and shared their stories of being sexually harassed by Mignogna as well as other voice actors and cosplayers who are regulars in the convention circuit.

Voice Actress Monica Rial says she has had an unpleasant experience with Mignogna

Voice Actress Jamie Marchi recalls a time when Mignogna grabbed her by the hair and whispered something sexual in nature in her ear

Prominent cosplayer Jessie Pridemore shared an experience of being sexually assaulted and how Vic Migogna used that knowledge to taunt how he could also "have" her

"So the part about Vic. The guy who raped me told everyone at an anime company I regularly worked with that we had fucked and that I was a con slut. He also told Vic. I played nice with Vic a lot because of my position in the community. At this point though, I had seen him be really shitty to people and staffers and knew he wasn't a good person. I ran into him at a con and said hi. We started chatting for a little bit and a couple fans ran up. I went to walk away, but he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let me leave. At one point, one of the fans starts talking about a series that he's in. I said that I actually really liked his role in it, I didn't even realize it was him (making a comment on how all his roles usually sound the same). He turns to me and says, "Oh I know why you like that series." He then slides his hand up through my hair (which was long at the time) on the back of my hair and tugs hard while saying "Because of _______." I was stunned. My heart sank. A friend ran over (there were a lot of witnesses) and asked if she needed to take me away. I just didn't even know how to respond. And if that wasn't bad enough HE DID IT A SECOND TIME with the implication that if the other voice actor had "had" me, he could too. I RAN off in tears. Called a friend of mine in said anime company and told him that if Vic ever touched me again, I would kick him in the balls, I didn't care who I was working for.

I know this will probably tarnish me getting invited to cons. It's why I started moving away from working for anime companies. I've become really good at ignoring shitty people over the years. But it is long past time that this comes out to light. Maybe one day I'll be strong enough to name the other one."

And now various conventions and businesses have cut ties with him. Of note is FUNimation for which Mignogna just provided the voice in their dub of the surprise hit Drag Ball Super: Broly film. They are also one of the biggest companies to dub and distribute anime.

Several other voice actors have shown support for the #KickVic campaign and shown support for Mignogna's victims


The man himself has only released this statement from January 20 as well as pulling the "two sides to every story" and how hate shouldn't be met with hate. No reactions from being cut off by FUNimation

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