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‘Ask Dr. Ruth’ Star Reports Most Questions She Gets Now Are About Loneliness, Not Sex

Dr. Ruth, Documentar-ian.

She tells the Television Critic's Association the questions she will not take while promoting her new documentary, 'Ask Dr. Ruth' where we will see her stand up for the rights “of homosexuals and of women". [that's straight from the source]

she won't talk about (potentially triggering):
[Spoiler (click to open)]beastiality, violent sex, sex during the Holocaust, as her entire family died.

Admits that she does not know much about transgender issues and doesn't want to speak about what she doesn't know, but insists that “every person has to be respected”.

Her most popular questions these days involve millenials being lonely and not finding someone to share life and experiences with. She is “very concerned young people are going to lose the art of conversation. Everybody is sitting with their phones.” (Though we apparently aren't talking to anyone on them).

Ask Dr. Ruth premiered at Sundance and will be on Hulu later this year.


Do you lament that no one wants to talk in our generation? Or are you grateful for the peace of mind that comes with no conversation or close in person relationships?
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