Tinashe round up! New music? Labels fighting over her? + Kehlani and Keke ask you to not bully her.

Tinashe has added "What happens next? 👀" to her Instagram bio and quickly changed and deleted her profile picture to the picture below:

She also just posted this video from last year with the "What happens next? 👀" caption, where she's seen working on new music:

Rumors surfaced about several labels interested on signing Tinashe:

David Asante, who writes for GQ Magazine, MTV and That Grape Juice, confirmed the rumors:

Speaking of That Grape Juice,That Grape Juice's tweeted about RENT Live's poor ratings and used a picture of Tinashe instead of the whole cast. That annoyed some people and singer Kehlani and singer/actress Keke Palmer came to Tinashe's defense for her being the topic of mean jokes too many times:

In other news, Tinashe performed at Penn State this week:

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