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Ariana Grande Thank U Next Interview

She recorded a long, very honest interview with her friend Zach Sang and it was released today. Here are some stand out parts:

- Says she would go space even if she would never come back, Zach jokes that she'd be the one person who surivives and she says "Yeah, my luck. I'm sorry, that's dark I apologize".
Also at one point 1 hr in, makes a funny comment about being blind/doesn't wear contacts, says she doesn't wanna see, she's "seen enough".
- 12:00 onwards she sorta reveals her and Pete briefly got back together during recording of this record, talking about writing Thank U Next, says a version without names exists too, and 14:30 rambles about getting back together, and she recorded a different version of the song and then broke up again, etc.
- Ghostin' was hard to record, she begged Scooter to take it off the record at first. The 2nd verse in the song was hardest to write/song.
- Bloodline intro is her grandma talking about being unable to find a hearing aid that works for her.
- Big Sean and Ricky (inspiration behind Moonlight) were supportive of the song Thank U Next.
- 50:00 mark Says she probably wouldnt like herself if she only saw what the public knows of herself, half of the stuff is BS and the other half is her touching her hair and being a pretty popstar, ew, she says.
- Every morning starts her day on Twitter talking to fans. Internet is "trash but it's beautiful".

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