Star Trek Discovery - 2x05 Trailer, Anthony Rapp Interview, Michelle News, and More...

-On Culber's (Wilson Cruz) imminent return (Wilson has said we will find him where we last saw him, aka the Mycelial Network, which they are about to go into...), Anthony says working with Wilson was "really special", was really happy for him getting to play this story out, and that the story and way it happens is "very, very satisfying and rich". Has to be meaningful and have consequences.
-Anthony loves working with the legendary/iconic Tig Notaro!
-Anthony talks the Stamets and Tilly friendship and how they trust and care for each other
-Talks the REAL Paul Stamets, Carpool Karaoke, and the irl love and fun between the cast.

-Alex Kurtzman confirms that they are currently "breaking story" on the Georgiou series, and that as soon as STD Season 3 is over they’ll be rolling straight into the Georgiou show.
-The idea to focus a show on Georgiou came from Michelle Yeoh herself!
-The reason for the spin-off will become clear after S2, with the evolution of Section 31
-We’ll be finding out how they went from a badge and ship and ‘official’ Section 31 to the underground shady secret organisation of the DS9 years.

Sources: Promo, Anthony Interview, TrekWriters, ReadyRoom, Michelle Yeoh Insta, DigitalSpy

Did you cry your eyes out this week, ONTD Saru Stans? Does Doug Jones deserve an Emmy?
Were you kind of feeling his topless Jeff Goldblum lewk maybe a bit too much?

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