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Christina Aguilera Hints "Your Body" Performed at #TheXperience

Since her interview with Andy Cohen, Xtina has been hearing out ideas for her Vegas show #TheXperience, including the setlist itself. 185 million views and an iconic mouse click gif later, a fan called in on the interview suggesting the addition of "Your Body" - her 2012 single from an unknown album that was only performed once (on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, using office supplies). She acknowledged the song suggestion again on Twitter (tweet above).

It's not as if Xtina also forgot the album we don't know about, let alone its lead single. She incorporated the song "Let There Be Love" in her setlists performed at private events, the Liberation Tour, to last years' New Years Eve performance. Will that unknown album finally get to be unearthed?

Retire Let There Be Generic Club Song please

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Tags: celebrity social media, christina aguilera, music / musician (pop)
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