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Raúl Castillo's Top 10 Films in the Criterion Collection

Criterion invites actors to share their Top 10 and provide a short write-up. Below I shared a few of his selections.

2. Y tu mamá también, dir. Alfonso Cuarón
This came out right around the time that a new wave of Mexican filmmakers were making a splash on the global cinema market. It was a very exciting time, I think. And no film exemplifies that period to me more than Alfonso Cuarón’s beautifully intimate Y tu mamá también. It felt like he really captured Mexico, and the complexities of male friendship and intimacy. And those moments in our lives that change us forever. I just saw Roma at the Savannah Film Festival and was blown away. It feels like he’s come full circle. I see an artist really contemplating life, and it’s very inspiring.

6. Do the Right Thing, dir. Spike Lee
I would have picked Crooklyn but you guys haven’t put it out (yet), which I really do believe is one of Spike Lee’s most undervalued films. But Do the Right Thing had a similar influence on me growing up. It’s Brooklyn, it’s beautiful, it’s got a cast that is absolutely flawless—too many great performances to mention—and it was revolutionary and in-your-face. The cinematography by Ernest Dickerson is stunning and iconic. I felt so alive the first time I saw this film in high school and have in every subsequent viewing.

7. In the Mood for Love, dir. Wong Kar-wai
My buddy Cruz Angeles first turned me on to the films of Wong Kar-wai in my early years in New York City. In the Mood for Love is just flawless. The performance are restrained and yet so full of deep internal life. A glance, a gesture, carries so much weight. You can say so much with what you don’t say. The performances by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung are wonderful. And the cinematography, the visual language of the film, is stunning.

9. My Own Private Idaho, dir. Gus Van Sant
I guess a running theme for me in this list is the films that made me want to become an actor. This is one of them. River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, and Gus Van Sant: sign me up.

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