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Alia Shawkat interview discussing bisexuality, femininity and growing up

Alia Shawkat was interviewed about her new film Animals which is based on Emma Jane Unsworth’s novel. The interview also goes into different aspects of Alia's life. I've included some quotes below.

Do you buy into the idea that women have to “grow up”?
Yeah. I wouldn’t call it growing up, but yeah. You have to have a routine. You have to be healthy. I don’t believe that a tortured artist makes the best work. It works for some people, but it wouldn’t last. I’ve been getting in a routine, starting to write again. I have to go to sleep at a certain hour. I have to work out. Eat healthy. It just creates positive work and more energy. And you have all these experiences that might be somewhat debaucherous, or traveling, meeting new people, putting yourself in new environments. But you come back and cleanse yourself and put out what you just saw. It’s the mix of both. You have to have the time to get something out, an idea.

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Animals premiered at Sundance. The full interview is at source.

Tags: actor / actress, film - drama, lgbtq / rights

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